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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that provides customers with a flexible and customizable solution for creating online stores and managing their digital commerce operations. Magento offers various features and functionalities to help businesses of all sizes establish an online presence, sell products or services, and grow their online sales.

If you are a business looking to connect with Magento users to promote new Magento-related products, offer exclusive deals, or share industry insights, our Magento Users Email List is the right tool to establish a connection with the Magento Users community.

Access to a verified Magento Customer List precisely leads your marketing efforts toward professionals and organizations that are actively utilizing Magento technology. The email list connects to your potential audience that is more likely to be interested in your offerings. Through this targeted approach, you can connect with Magento users across APAC regions, enhance your brand visibility, and strategically expand your customer base.

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Get Access to the Compliance-ready Magento Customer List and Drive Ethical Customer Engagement

We provide access to a meticulously curated compliance-ready email list, to ensure that your marketing campaigns adhere to legal and ethical standards. With our ready-to-use compliance-safe List of Companies Using Magento, you can confidently implement targeted campaigns that drive ethical engagement with your audience.

By leveraging this resource, you prioritize data privacy and consent, as the Magento users mailing database is developed by obtaining explicit consent from the users. Our compliance-ready email list is updated and verified regularly to enable your business to deliver personalized and relevant content to your target audience. Also, our Magento Customers List is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing tools and platforms and allows for easy deployment of campaigns.

At APAC Leads, our mission is to help you maximize ROI and drive business growth through our comprehensive Magento users email database. With our Email List, you can achieve the highest deliverability rates, optimize your marketing efforts, generate quality leads, and ultimately, achieve your business goals. Whether you're looking to increase sales, expand your customer base, or strengthen brand awareness, our List of Companies Using Magento can help you get there faster and more efficiently.

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We understand that personalization and targeting are crucial aspects of any successful email marketing campaign. Therefore, we provide customized and segmented email lists that allow you to tailor your communications according to specific demographics, firmographics, or any other criteria that align with your marketing objectives.

Power Your Marketing Campaigns

This targeted approach of using a customized Magento user’s email list enables you to send personalized and relevant messages to different audience segments of the Magento user’s community. Whether you are looking to promote Magento-related products, services, or industry-specific events, our email list services offer you the means to connect with Magento users in a meaningful way. The comprehensive email list that is tailored to meet the diverse requirements of businesses empowers you to personalize your marketing campaigns and helps to achieve higher deliverability rates, and email open rates, leading to higher engagement and better conversion rates.


1. What is a Magento Users Email List?

A Magento Userl List is a curated database containing contact information, such as email addresses, of individuals or businesses that use Magento. This list enables targeted communication with Magento users for marketing, sales, or informational purposes.

2. How is a Magento Users List compiled?

Magento Users Lists are compiled through various ethical and legal methods that prioritize the consent of the recipients

3. How to cross-verify the quality of Magento user’s mailing database?

You can cross-verify the quality of Magento users mailing database by requesting a sample/demo free email list.

4. What are the benefits of a Magento user’s email list for my business?

By leveraging the comprehensive Magento user’s email list you can implement various marketing campaigns including account-based marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, geo-targeted marketing, and others.

5. Is the Magento Customers list verified?

Yes, the Magento Customers email list from APAC Leads is thoroughly verified using AI and human verification processes.

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